Queen Anne

An under confident, overweight, gouty woman ascends the throne ofEngland in 1702, still mourning the death of her eleven year old son and all his siblings.  Lined up against her are the Jacobites, terrorists, the Al-Qaeda of their day, who will stop at nothing to kill her and put her half brother, the Roman Catholic James Stuart on the throne.  James is supported by the hugely successful Louis XIV of France. T he on-going war with France darkens the play despite the victories of the brilliant Duke of Marlborough.  Meanwhile, Marlborough ís wife, the beautiful and witty Sarah, bullies the Queen on an almost daily basis.  Street ballads insinuate that the Queen has a lesbian relationship with the new favourite Abigail Masham.  Coalition politics provide yet another contemporary resonance as Whig and Tory politicians intrigue, plot and squabble.  Anne dies at 49, but not before she succeeds in imposing her own style and her own way.  This new play, narrated by the acerbic and witty Jonathan Swift, has been written to commemorate the the death of Queen Anne on 1 August 1714.  The latest production by Historia Theatre Company, it will run for 4 weeks in July and August 2014.


[Details of venue etc to follow.]